Did you know?
For every $1 raised for the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, $.92 goes toward the foundation's mission of:
Promoting peace
Fighting disease
Providing clean water
Saving mothers and children
Supporting education
Growing local economies
Charitynavigator.org gives the Rotary Foundation a score of 96.31 out of 100 for financial accountability and transparency.  That's incredible!  District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair Joe Ruskey presented at the November 12 Rotary STAR meeting and explained how the Rotary Foundation is able to keep fundraising costs so low.  If you gave $1, the foundation keeps and invests that $1 for three years.  Then, $.50 goes to the RI Foundation and $.50 goes to the district and all funds are then re-distributed through grants.  
Rotary Works Foundation Board President Jeanne Meyer explained that the 20 member Board is comprised of four representatives from the Downtown club and two representatives from every other area club.  Currently, the endowment is $200,000 but their goal is $1 million.  Since 1982, $600,000 has been awarded in local and international grants and the Rotary Works Foundation awards approximately $27,000 annually.