Club Service Assignments
First Name: Programs
Second Name: Rotorooter
Attention all Program Chairs!
In an effort to streamline meeting set up and eliminate last-minute issues with technology, please email a copy of the guest's presentation to Randy Van Rooyen prior to the meeting.  Randy will load the presentation on his laptop so the guest speaker doesn't have to worry about technology the day of the meeting.  Guests can bring their own laptop if they insist but we prefer to have the presentations in advance.  Thank you.
Sally Egan
Terry Vonderohe
Dave Burgess
Elaine Yager
Sheri Knope
Karla Stanek
Pam Barge
Scott Butler
Club Response
5 - No Meeting - Labor Day!
12 - Terry Miller
19 - Rebecca Naugler
26 - Spencer Niebur
3 - Jeremy Novak
10 - Wayne Oliver
17 - Natalie Olsen
24 - "5th Monday" Social - No Noon Meeting
31 - Walt Smanski
7 - Karla Stanek
14 - Pat Stephens
21 - Lori Terry
28 - Penny Tiedt
5 - Terry Vonderohe
12 -  Tom Weber
19 - Teri Wildt
26 - No Meeting